Gedevelop - Equipment for glass fiberizer industry

The GFM concept – Benefits

GFM gives product density reduction
The production is tuned to minimum excess margins reducing the average density by 2-4%

Increased spinner life
Less variation of the glass flow leads to stable fiberizer conditions and the
absence of manual pullchecks will increase the spinner life.

Quick pull change
Depending on the control system it is possible to change pull-rate under full control over the whole operating range very quickly.

Increased productivity
Less workload on fiberizer zone and product control due to reduced pullchecks and density control

Less rejects caused by poor fibre quality
Improved quality due to less fibre variations. Less variation in binder content (%) due to constant fibre flow.

Increased furnace and forehearth life
Constant pull will stabilize batch melting and forehearth conditions. Early identification of batch problems.