Gedevelop - Equipment for glass fiberizer industry

GFM – The camera
The air-cooled camera is designed to withstand the heat, smoke, moisture and strong magnetic fields that exist in the fiberizer area.

Pneumatic cooling
The electronics are cooled by a pneumatic cooler, which also heats the lens system to prevent condensation. The camera is designed to work in an ambient temperature up to 150°C (302°F). The air supplied to the camera is filtered through a set of filters.

Multifunctional holder
The camera holder not only keeps the camera in position but also acts as a thermal and mechanical protection. The camera slides into the holder, locks in position and is aligned towards the glass stream with the help of a row of  LEDs. LEDs can be viewed through a window at the back of the camera.

Heavy-duty cabling
The prefabricated cable is supplied with heavy-duty connectors at both ends for easy connection.