Gedevelop - Equipment for glass fiberizer industry

The GIA concept – Benefits

Reduction in material and energy consumption
With the GIA system the tolerances of the gob weight can be monitored to a minimum. It saves cost in raw material and energy consumption.

Increased product quality
With increased process control the variation in the process will decrease, resulting in an increase in product quality.

A non-contact measurement system.
The GIA is a line scanning multiple camera concept, allowing non-contact measurement. The GIA-system can be installed without interfering with production.

Minimum maintenance
It requires virtually no maintenance and eliminates mechanical wear on the IS-machine equipment such as moulds and plungers. It is also independent of the glass-forming process technique.

Immediate action
The GIA concept makes it possible for operating staff to take immediate action to improve gob properties and to prevent possible problems. The GIA system is equipped with state-of-the-art software and hardware to enhance accuracy and quality as well as to increase flexibility and cost efficiency.

Flexibility – customized configuration
Up to four gobs can be analysed and controlled simultaneously with as many cameras – supported by one central unit. Increased flexibility allows the user to configure the system to his own needs. Since one central unit can handle up to four cameras at the same time the configuration is fully flexible from one camera per IS-machine on up to four IS machines, to four cameras on one IS-machine.

Independent of glass-forming processes
The GIA system is independent of the different glass-forming process techniques. It works in B&B, P&B and NNP&B.