Gedevelop - Equipment for glass fiberizer industry
GFM is a well known and reliable system for measuring glass flow for the benefit of controlling the production. Yet problems can arise. A wrongly positioned camera gives less accurate readings and control of the glass. The reason is often that the camera has come out of position due to work in the bushing area.

CMM– Camera Maintenance Manager is a module consisting of hardware mounted in the GFM CPU and updated HMI software. The system gives information as to how the cameras are positioned laterally (aiming) and depth wise (focus). It will also detect when the front lens of the camera is dirty. The information is presented graphically through green/red bars on the system’s touch screen HMI, see picture.

With the information about the position of the cameras on the touch screen it is easier to verify the exact position of the cameras. This also gives the assurance of knowing that the measurement of the glass flow is correct.

CMM- Camera Maintenance Manager also gives information about the temperature within the CPU rack and the status of the power supplies voltages. This will ensure optimal performance and extend the lifetime of the equipment.

Camera Maintenance Manager is a standard part of the GFM system upgrade kit. For users who have already upgraded their GFM system, the CMMis available as a retrofit kit. The CMMrequires the camera motherboard to be all surface-mounted.

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