Gedevelop - Equipment for glass fiberizer industry

The GFM pyrometer has a completely new all-digital design and adjusts automatically to the glass emissivity. The two-colour ratio pyrometer consists of a module mounted inside the GFM camera. The temperature measurement is displayed on the CPU touch screen-HMI.

By measuring the temperature of the glass stream in the glass wool process, the control of glass properties and fibre forming can be improved. Intensity fluctuations caused by the varying size and shape of the glass stream or the presence of dust, smoke or gas along the optical path of the pyrometer are eliminated by the ratio detecting principle.

The temperature of the glass stream is measured at the same time as the glass flow is measured by the GFM system, and in the same position all the time.


Measuring range
900 - 1200° C (1652 - 2192° F)
Target diameter
5 mm (1/5”)
Spectral range
0.9 - 1.1 microns
Response time 
2 sec
± 3° C (± 4° F)
± 1.5° C  (± 2° F)







The GFM pyrometer is an option when ordering a new GFM camera, but can also be retro-fitted in existing cameras. In this case, the camera should be returned to Gedevelop for installation and calibration.