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Upgrade kit for GFM – Glass Flow Meter system
The GFM system has been on the market for nearly thirty years. The concept is a success and is implemented in most glass wool manufacturing plants around the world. Over the years the system has been undergoing continuous development to adopt it to the latest technology and demands.

The GFM system with hand held terminal and printer is today an overdue version. Even though it still performs well in many plants, time may have come for replacement. A number of components used in the initial version, are no longer produced and hard to find on the replacement market. As a result possible repair is questionable.

The upgrade is solved by replacing the GFM rack with a new rack, complete with all boards. The display and printer panel will be replaced by a 19” TFT touch screen panel. The camera electronics will be replaced in each camera. All other existing parts of the GFM system can be kept intact and used as earlier.

The GFM upgrade kit brings you the following advantages:

With this upgrade the system will show the following information from the Operator’s Interface:

CMM – CameraMaintenanceManager
Gives information related to the position of the cameras, both laterally (aiming) and depth wise (focus). It also detects where the front lens of the camera is dirty. The information is presented graphically through green/red bars on the system’s touch screen HMI. The Camera Maintenance Manager also gives information about the temperature within the CPU rack and the status of the power supplies voltages.. This will ensure optimal performance and extend the life time of the equipment.

An upgraded GFM system minimise the risk of production interruptions.